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Homemade Body Wraps

If you don’t have the time or the money to spend on a professional body wrap, you can make your own homemade body wraps and do a full body wrap at home. We’ve listed a few simple recipes and ingredients for homemade body wraps that you can use.

Sugar and Honey Scrub Followed by Oriental Papaya Homemade Body Wraps:
Most salons recommend that you do a full body scrub before using homemade body wraps. The scrub can be made by mixing together sugar and honey to make a thick scrub. The skin scrub is applied before the homemade body wraps. The oriental papaya and fruit-based homemade body wraps are made by pureeing the pulp of a very ripe papaya. You can also add two or three fruits to the same homemade body wraps. For example, papaya and pineapple is a good mixture for homemade body wraps as both fruits contain strong enzymes that rejuvenate skin.

Algae and Seaweed Homemade Body Wraps:
No one really likes the smell of seaweed but these homemade body wraps are particularly good for skin texture and cellulite, detoxification and blood circulation. If you live by the sea, you will be able to find local seaweed that you can use in your homemade body wraps. If you cannot source local seaweed, you can always use dried powdered seaweed or powdered spirulina powder to make your homemade body wraps. To make really great homemade body wraps, we suggest you combine lavender oil with rosemary oil and almond oil to make great seaweed homemade body wraps.

Sea Salt and Clay Homemade Body Wraps:
These homemade body wraps are great to tone skin, reduce cellulite and improve circulation. Green clay, Dead Sea salt, olive and almond oils and peppermint essence can be used to make homemade body wraps.

-Most homemade body wraps are perfectly safe but you may have latent allergies that might flare up. We suggest you do a patch test 24 hours before a full body application. Apply the homemade body wraps to the skin on the inside of your arm and wash it off after one hour. Wait for 24 hours to check for allergic reactions.
-Make sure you use the best and freshest ingredients in your body pack.
-Always start with a scrub as it removes superficial dead skin and allows the pack to penetrate better into the body.
-If you have a thermal blanket, it will work to raise your body temperature but you can just as easily use thin towels and bandages, or plastic sheets followed by a thick blanket.
-Run the shower in your bath to add a sauna component to your body wrap.

Spa Body Wrap

If you are really stressed out, a spa body wrap could be the best way to unwind. Spas have spa body wrap packages that are specially designed to provide a full mind and body treatment. The spa body wraps are combined with a full body exfoliation procedure, body massage, spa body wrap and relaxation procedure to ensure that you get the best value for money. If you have the time and money, it would be the best to find local spa services that will offer a day spa treatment.

Local Salon Services and Availability of Spa Treatments:
We suggest you check online to find spas, salons or cosmetic retreat centers that are located close to your home. Before you choose the health center and the spa body wraps and services, we suggest you take a look at the spa center and evaluate the cost of the different spa body wraps and treatments that the salon offers. There are different types of spa body wraps that are offered especially for body massage, weight and inch loss, cellulite loss and dead skin removal and body toning. The products that are used in the spa body wraps will also vary. Some salons will use herbal products while other salons may use special medicinal spa body wraps to cause body toning and weight loss.

Why spa body wraps are better?
Most spa body wraps are specially custom mixed by the spa technicians. As a result, you are guaranteed a fresh spa body wrap that will work effectively on your body to cause weight loss. The spa body wrap will be heated before application to the body which will result in an immediate dilation of the blood vessels in skin. The special ingredients in the spa body wrap will cause the fat in skin or cellulite to dissolve resulting in better skin texture and skin quality. Most spa body wraps are also made of special ingredients that can actually guarantee weight loss and body contouring along difficult-to-tone parts of your body like bellies and hips.
Salon technicians will also apply spa body wraps and hold the ingredients in place. The bandages are specifically designed to squeeze out water from the body and tone the body.

How to choose spa body wrap?
We suggest you first decide the type of treatment that you are interested in and the effect you want the spa body wrap to have on your body. For example, if you are interested in body contouring, a special body contour spa body wrap is ideal. For detoxification, you can use a body use a special clay-based spa body wrap which will pull out toxins and poisons from the body. For relaxation and skin rejuvenation, you can choose chocolate and vanilla-based spa body wraps which relaxes the mind and treat skin.