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Slimming Wraps

Slimming wraps are a variety of body wraps that have special ingredients to help you lose weight. There are special ingredients in the body wrap which will have a range of effects on skin and the cellulite located just underneath skin. If you are already on an exercise and dieting regimen, these slimming wraps are ideal to push up skin and tighten it. It will also accelerate the weight loss process and help in contouring the body.

Working Ingredients of Slimming Wraps:
Most slimming wraps will contain a range of ingredients that do work to cause weight loss and body toning. A few of the most effective ingredients include the following:

Clay ingredients in slimming wraps work to tighten the skin by drawing oils and toxins out of the body. Skin is filled with several oil producing glands that can get choked, resulting in acne formation and other skin problems. Clay is very effective in soaking up extra oil and refreshing skin. At the same time, as the clay dries it absorbs extra moisture from the blood vessels inside skin, tightening the skin. Different types of clay may be used to achieve detoxification, skin toning, water absorption and oil absorption from skin.

Herbal ingredients are a very essential component of all slimming wraps. For example, seaweed is a very effective ingredient in slimming wraps. Seaweed based slimming wraps can reduce skin conditions, raise skin temperature, cause dilation of blood vessels in skin and increase weight loss. Other herbal slimming wraps which can also cause weight loss include cinnamon and ginseng which are very effective in treating skin infections like fungal infections, skin parasites and dandruff. These herbs are combined in specific formulations in slimming wraps and they do tend to have a medicinal effect on the body as well.

Mineral salts are the most effective ingredients in slimming wraps. These ingredients can actually tighten skin pores, cause water loss and skin detoxification. Most slimming wraps will contain some variety of Dead Sea Salts or Epsom salts for the toning effect that they have on skin.

How to choose the right slimming wraps?
We suggest you consult with your salon technician to find good slimming wraps that suit your needs. For this reason, a medically supervised or naturopathy based medical spa is excellent. You will be able to consult with naturopathic physicians to find the right slimming wraps, diet control and exercise routine to help you lose weight. These lifestyle changes literally guarantee weight loss and you will find that your skin and body appear toned and healthy. Along with these lifestyle changes, we also suggest you wear contour body wraps or a bodysuit which will hold the skin in place during your slimming regimen.

Slimming Body Wrap

Losing weight is never easy but with a slimming body wrap you should be able to lose at least a little weight easily. Dieters do agree that a good exercise routine is necessary to lose weight. But along with exercise, it’s also necessary to carry out regular slimming body wrap procedures along with dieting to lose that stubborn weight.

Why do you need regular slimming body wraps?
We all know that exercise and dieting can help you lose weight. But what you don’t know is that even with the best exercise routine, you will eventually plateau in weight. That means, you will exercise away but there will be no more weight loss. This stubborn body weight can be lost with a slimming body wrap. In fact, most trainers will recommend the use of a sauna or slimming body wrap to help you lose those last few pounds that have stuck to your body. There are many slimming body wraps that are expressly designed to increase circulation and draw out toxins from your body as quickly as possible.

How are slimming body wraps applied and used?
The exact ingredients that are used in slimming body wraps will vary considerably. For example, some salon specialists will use algae wraps while others will use fruit based wraps to draw water out from the body. People who want to use the slimming body wraps will have to first consult with the salon technician. The salon technician will carry out a whole body exfoliation procedure to remove the superficial layers of dead skin. A full application of the pack is done. The patient is then wrapped from head to toe with the elastic bandages, followed by plastic wrap and finally with a thermal bandage. These bandages will draw out the water from the body and raise body heat to melt cellulite that is accumulated on different parts of the body. The packs may also contain essential oils and cosmetic compounds that will soothe the skin and increase skin tone. Results are usually seen immediately but doctors do recommend that you continue with an increased work out routine. This will ensure that the weight that was lost during the slimming body wrap will stay off.

What is the average cost of a slimming body wrap?
The average cost of a slimming body wrap will vary considerably. Body wraps usually cost anywhere from $100 to about $500 depending on the materials that was used. The cost may seem a little high but the procedure usually lasts for one hour. Some salons may also carry out a complete body exfoliation and shower followed by the slimming body wrap. After the slimming body wrap, the client is also massaged with body lotion and then allowed to relax for twenty minutes.