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Infrared Body Wrap

Not many of us know this but using an infrared body wrap can help you lose weight. A body wrap usually consists of a complete body massage followed by your body being wrapped from head to toe with bandages. A complete body wrap may tone your body and detox it, relax you and act as a stress release but an infrared body wrap is especially designed to help you lose weight, dissolve cellulite and to tone your muscles.

How does an infrared body wrap work?
One of the most famous brands of infrared body wrap is the Formostar Company as it produces a professional infrared body wrap. The infrared body wrap produced by the company is supposed to be very useful. The 50 minutes treatment is especially designed to dissolve cellulite, relax muscles and to halt arthritic pain. The infrared body wrap is designed to target specific parts of the body and work on it by releasing infrared energy. The infrared body wrap is specifically geared to produce energy in the 5.6 to 25 micron infrared ray band which is safe for the human body while still affecting fat cells. This infrared energy produced by the infrared body wrap heats the cell structure and the body cells and dissolves the extra fat present inside the cell by vibrating the fat cells. This vibration also generates heat which is dispersed through the skin. Eventually the infrared body wrap holds the heat near the dermis which increases body temperature, causes dilation of blood vessels, increases blood circulation, and increases metabolism levels to flush toxins out of the body and aid in weight loss. According to researchers and company literature, an effectively used infrared body wrap can actually dissolve as much as 900 to 1400 calories in a single session of 60 minutes.

What are the other benefits offered by the infrared body wrap system?
A good infrared body wrap system can also help in body contouring as the machine can be directed on to specific parts of the body. It can help in fat loss and weight loss. The heat generated by the machine and the infrared body wrap can also help with chronic conditions like arthritis. As the infrared body wrap concentrates on the cellulite in the body, it actually dissolves the fat resulting in a better smoother appearance of skin.

How do I prepare for an infrared body wrap?
Make an appointment at an approved infrared body wrap center with trained technicians. Carry a book along to read during the session as it takes one hour.
During the session, six high density silicone pads are attached to your body along with several wrapping options. The wrapping options are based on personal choice. The heat of the pads and the infrared body wrap is according to personal choice
Hydrate yourself properly before, during and after the session. Each session takes about 60 minutes and it can be repeated 2 times a week or according to personal choice.