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Contour Body Wrap

Everyone knows that losing weight along the hips and the belly is difficult. In fact, women all over the world have cursed themselves silly struggling through difficult sit-ups and routines in an effort to lose weight along these problems areas. And with summer season looming around the corner, it can be quite depressing when you don’t hit that perfect body shape and weight.

But wait, will a contour body wrap actually help you get a perfect bikini body?
Apparently it will. There are several different types of contour body wraps that are used to help in spot body contouring. These body wraps are applied on specific parts of the body to help in weight loss. Till recently, most people considered the weight loss that was received from contour body wraps as a temporary phenomenon due to water loss. Celebrities like Zoe Ball used to swear by their respective high quality contour body wraps and the weight loss that they caused but most people did not really believe in them. Was it really possible to use a contour body wrap to tone and shape the body? But this has now been proved wrong. Certain contour body wraps have now been proved to cause weight loss and they are incredibly effective in toning the body. According to researchers, a special variety of contour body wrap called the Universal Contour Body Wrap can cause weight loss and inch loss as well. Not only that, this variety of body wrap can actually cause a permanent weight loss that can be recorded a month after the contour body wrap was done.

If one variety of contour body wrap is effective, it is possible that all types of contour body wraps can cause weight loss? It is possible that nearly every variety of contour body wrap will cause skin cleansing, improved lymphatic drainage, better skin and tissue tone, inch loss and weight loss. However, you can choose to use any variety of treatment that will cause cellulite or weight loss. Most salon technicians also recommend a continuous series of contour body wraps that are spread out over three to five weeks. These wraps may cost about $65 to about $100 per wrap and they will cause a loss of weight and inches provided they are combined with exercise and dieting. Technicians also recommend the use of contour body wrap underwear that will support and hold the tissues in place after each sitting.

We suggest you start with a simple dieting and exercise routine and then back it up with regular contour body wraps. This would be the best way to ensure that you get back into shape while slimming down, shaping your body and losing those precious inches.

Body Wrap Weight Loss Procedures

In recent years, body wrap weight loss procedures have become very popular. Even Hollywood stars swear by body wrap weight loss procedures that take off a good few inches before red carpet events. Do these body wrap weight loss procedures actually work? Lets find out.

How Do Body Wrap Weight Loss Procedures Work?
Most body wrap weight loss procedures consist of several weight loss minerals, detoxification products and herbal slimming creams that are applied onto the body. These minerals are then held in close contact to the body to encourage flushing out of toxins, increase slimming and help in overall cellulite loss. The ingredients inside the mineral or herbal wraps can actually soak into skin and aid in better health. There are different types of body wrap weight loss procedures that are done. For example, you can choose a dehydration wrap. A special ingredient is wiped onto your body and heated plastic wraps, strips and even a thermal sheet is wrapped around your body to encourage the toxins to come out. As the toxins leak out, you lose water weight which results in an immediate weight loss. Apart from dehydration body wrap weight loss procedures, you can also choose toning, hydrating and tension body wrap weight loss procedures. Different body wrap weight loss procedures will rejuvenate the lymphatic drainage system of the body and help in weight loss. The result with these body wrap weight loss procedures is that you can see an immediate loss of fat and inches on different parts of the body.

What Are The Different Stages Of Body Wrap Weight Loss Procedures?
There are two different stages of body wrap weight loss procedures that work effectively to cause weight loss:

Exfoliation and absorption stage:
In the exfoliation stage, the spa technician massages the client’s body to remove extra skin. This increases the size of the skin pores and ensures that the body wrap weight loss minerals can work faster. After exfoliation, the client takes a bath and the salon technician then applies the mineral compound to the clients skin. A large range of mineral compounds are used in body wrap weight loss procedures and you can choose the compounds you want.

After the exfoliation and the application stage, the client is wrapped with a range of blankets. For example, most spas use plastic sheets. To encourage weight loss, thinner bandages may be used. The plastic sheets are covered with blankets and finally with a thermal blanket to raise the temperature. This increased body temperature acts like a sauna causing weight loss.

There are body wrap weight loss procedures that are done by spas and the actual minerals that are used will vary considerably. We suggest you get in touch with a trained technician to find the right procedure for your particular needs.